come out and play

Sippy is a brand new app for meeting people
by organising or joining sports or (board)games activities

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we believe
meeting people with common interest
is the most powerful way to interact

what we believe

Move away from the digital contact and get back to actually meeting each other. Nearly all social media wants to keep you in the apps and sites they created for you. But it's much more fun if you move and really interact with each other. Sippy helps you to meet new people with the same interests. There is a whole world out there filled with interesting, nice people that want exactly the same. Life is so much more enjoyable if you are doing fun things together.

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Google Maps Groningen with activities from Sippy

who we are

Sippy wants to bring people together and motivate them to go out and be more active. The Sippy team consists of a small, socially involved and enthusiastic team that wants to improve the world together.

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Team photo working in the office
about sippy

what we do

Sippy brings people together. Life is so much more enjoyable if you have fun together.
Come out and play! Let's go outside and do something active together.
Sippy recommends activities that you can do with other people with similar interests.
Meet up
Easily plan and arrange a meet up with people you know, or want to get to know.
Do your favourite sport together with somebody who enjoys it as much as you do. Have fun!
play games
Bring people together for a games night. With any game you like.
Check Sippy out.

Today is a great day to meet new people! to play the sport or boardgame
you always wanted to play. you will be surprised
how amazing it can be to really interact.

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