The company

We are a startup in Groningen, in the North of the Netherlands. Besides Groningen, Sippy has a team located in Portugal who are building the app. Even if we're physically far apart, we use technology to work closely together. We have a varied team that ensures a lot creativity.

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Meet our team

Klaas Oost, CEO of Sippy
Klaas oost
Co-founder & CEO
Martin Meeldijk, Co-founder of Sippy
Martin Meeldijk
Ruben Rebelo, developer for Sippy
Ruben Rebelo
Pertrus Carvalho, developer for Sippy
Petrus Carvalho
Meike Kuiper, marketeer for Sippy
Meike kuipers
Eva Mollema, Marketeer for Sippy
Eva Mollema
The new team member of Sippy
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