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Sippy is a brand new app for meeting people By doing sports or games

What is sippy?

Sippy allows users to plan and do activities with other people who have similar interests. With Sippy it is possible to organise sports and games activities, but also join organised activities which are planned by others. This is a new way of meeting people in a digital world. Sippy will launch in summer 2021. Curious about the app?
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Step 1

find an activity

When you open the app the activity map will be shown. On this map it's possible to view all activities in your area. You can choose any activity you like and see who wants to play. You can filter to find specific activities that match your interests. And you can also create an activity yourself.

Examples of activities are:
Fitness, Football, Spikeball, 30 seconds, Qwixx, Carcasonne or table tennis.

Sneakpeek of the activity map of the app Sippy.
Step 2

join activity

When you've found an activity of your liking you can get more details by clicking on it. This will show the people already in the activity, the name of the location and the date and time when the activity takes place. You can join the activity and chat with other interested people.

Sneakpeek of the Sippy app how to join an activity
Step 3

chat together

In the chat you can discuss who will bring the equipment, when you are going to play and ask any questions to get to know each other. When you all agree with the activity the organiser can start the activity and you can meet at the designated time and place.

After the activity, you can add the people you've met to your friends on Sippy. In this way, it's easy to invite each other for the next activity.

Sneakpeek of the Sippy app how to chat with people about the activity
Check Sippy out.

Today is a great day to meet new people! to play the sport or boardgame
you always wanted to play. you will be surprised
how amazing it can be to really interact.

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