Let’s do something together

We spend too much time staring at our smartphones, tablets and tv’s, so let’s get back into the real world. Sippy helps you to do real-life activities together. You can play a game or do sports together, either with friends or with people you haven’t met yet. Join activities that other people proposed, or if you want to be inspired, Sippy can recommend activities based on your interests. So there’s always something fun to do.
We are currently in development and working towards a launch in the next few months. Sign up if you want to stay up to date on our progress.
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Let’s spend more time
having fun together

With Sippy we want to change how people really interact with each other

Move away from the digital only contact and get back to actually meeting each other. Nearly all social media wants to keep you in the apps and sites they created for you. Most of this is done from a chair at home or in public transport. Life is so much more fun if you move and interact more. There is a whole world filled with interesting, nice people out there that want exactly the same. We at Sippy think that you can use digital media to help people to interact more and have more fun. Life is so much more gratifying if you experience it while doing something fun together.